YMC in Europe

Home-based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, we are running multiple courses and training here in different local studios. In all the big cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Kiel, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Paris, Zurich, Ravensburg, Lisbon we will be offering multiple workshops and training from spring until autumn.

Please see our Europe schedule or contact us for more information.


Photo from Prashant Tewatia


Yoga WorkshopGermany, Frankfurt2nd & 3rd of May
Yoga WorkshopsGermany, Kiel - Yoga Moment15th, 1 6th 1 7th May 2020https://yoga-moment.de/Workshops
Yoga WorkshopsGermany, Dusseldorf - Rumdum Yoga30th 3 1st May 2020https://rundumyoga.com/workshops-events/
Yoga WorkshopsNL, Amsterdam - Sthira Yoga5th 6th & 7th of June 2020
Yoga WorkshopsGermany, Ravensburg - Yogaraum27th 28th Junhttps://www.yogaraum-rv.de/
Regular ClassesGermany, Frankfurt + Offenbach - Inside Yoga - Bewegungsraum OF - Yogaladen OF rest is coming soonfrom May 2020 – November 2020