Mohit Singh

Diploma in Yoga & Mysticism, Founder of Morjim Yoga House, Philosophy, Ayurveda teacher

Learn the secrets of Yogic traditions and Ayurveda with Mohit Singh and his team, founder of the Morjim Yoga House where our intensive training is taking place.

The founder of Morjim Yoga House, Mohit Singh is originally from North India and grew up in an Arya Samaj family.

He was exposed to traditional Vedic philosophies throughout his childhood & began practising yoga from a young age.

His continuing journey led him to the Ramakrishna Mission where he listened to many monks’ lectures on various scriptures. His passion was fed in the library where he studied the books of great sage and philosophers.

Following this experience, Mohit went back to university and spent four years studying philosophy. During this time he also gained a Diploma in Yoga & Mysticism and learnt Sanskrit and Pali languages. Upon graduating with a Masters in Philosophy, majoring in Yoga, he then started his own yoga school in Mumbai to begin spreading the correct wisdom to his students.

Mohit moved to the beautiful beaches of Northern Goa to open Morjim Yoga House. That has been his dream for many years, teaching awareness of more than just yoga asanas, but including unique classes including Samkhya, Panchakarma and Vedanta.