Vanessa Frances Doll

Founder, Teacher, Bodyworker

As a social worker with the focus on psychosocial consultation, the mental and psychic health has ever been the main focus of my work. With the years I have realised that the mental and the physical health influences each other massively – one cannot be without the other. Thats when I decided to dedicate myself to a more holistic system of health which includes the mind, the soul and the body.

My philosophy : “Practice on the subtle level. Feel, dont think. When you feel, there is no space for thinking”

In my work, my teaching and my practice I focus on the inner and outer balance, for comprehensive health on all levels. That is my work – to facilitate this to other practitioners. I guide my clients with attention to detail, conscious breath and functional alignment. I travel around the globe on a regular basis, visiting various ashrams, studios and retreat centers to draw on an international pool of experience of which I want my participants to profit from.

Intuitive, creative, playful and with a lot of heart I teach Yoga, Pilates, Functional- and FasciaTraining, I offer bodywork as a certified AyurYoga-Massage-Therapist as well as psychosocial consultation, coaching, mindfulness-training and meditation.

Currently I am trained in Sound Healing and Thai-Yoga-Massage to offer even deeper levels of healing in all aspects of human experience.