The focus of this course will be on how to bring more understanding of the therapeutic effect of Yoga asanas through the apply and use of yoga props (blocks, belts, blankets, wall, chairs & ropes), inspired by the Iyengar Yoga method, applied in Hatha and Yin Yoga and how to cure and treat common physiological disorders with the Yoga Therapy technique.

Yoga Therapy offers postural correction and alignment of the body structure to maintain the health of the internal spaces, i.g. joints and body cavities, and maintains the primary & secondary curvature of the spine.

The basic principles are:

  • stretching of selective skeletal muscles,
  • restoration of the alignment of the bones,
  • correction of the weight-bearing axis of the body,
  • improvement of the Postural awareness,
  • passive correction of the pelvic- & shoulder girdles.

We will take a deeper look at the following conditions:

  • lumbar spondylosis,
  • cervical spondylosis,
  • osteo – artharitis of both knee, – IHD, asthma, diabetics.


Yoga Therapy